All the Amazing Things

Things. Life is made of things. Or at least we are surrounded by things. I suppose it has to do with the fact that we are in a world of matter. These nouns, these things, are our tools. These things are a manifestation of people’s thoughts, ideas, and solutions. They decorate our world. They are a part of and they trigger our memories.

We need stuff. Imagine all the millions and millions of things we have produced over just the last 200 years. And each day we make more stuff.

Seeking amazing vintage and second-hand everyday household things to re-purpose and appreciate is an adventure. When we go out and about to find things for resale we never know what interesting, fun, useful, and beautiful thing we will find. We discover history. We learn about different people and moments in time.

We also learn to appreciate things; to look closer at what is; to see the sunny side and find the beauty; the purpose. We have learned to look at the value of what has been created already. Then we get to share that with others. This is surprisingly so fun.

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