Tools Needed to Start Crocheting

In this article, I explore the beginning aspects of the art of crochet focusing on the tools needed to start crocheting. To get started crocheting, you will need the tools of the craft. Next, is learning the basic stitches. And alas, you will be ready to put it all together and develop skills. Let’s get prepared to create amazing things.

Craft verb
crafted; crafting; crafts
to make or produce with care, skill, or ingenuity

Crochet is handcrafted Art

Crochet is this brilliant art form. You take some yarn, a hook, and make just about anything… a rug,  hat, gloves, scarf, washcloth. This makes learning to crochet very satisfy and fun. The more skill and understanding you develop with crochet the more creative you can be. And really the sky the limit with what you can create.

And there are many aspects. Learning the different stitches, learning how to read patterns, the different types of yarn and hooks. A new stitch, a new process, a new pattern opens the mind to new ways to create.

Crochet is very interactive. You can’t just know about it theoretically (as someone with a research background this is awesome). You learn about the different ways of crocheting, the skill. As you practice what you have learned, you build muscle memory and kinesthetic skills. Getting good at crochet is all about repetition: practice, practice, practice. As you practice your crochet skills you just get better and better. 

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tools needed to start crocheting:

Okay so now lets look at tools needed to start crocheting. One thing about crochet is it is quite budget friendly. Purchasing what you need for crochet is actually quite affordable. While many fibers can be quite costly, It is possible to keep costs down. And you can create fabulous things.

Crochet Hook: A crochet hook price starts at a few dollars. As you get familiar with crochet hooks you will find you may want toinvest in slightly larger ones. Also keep in mind that you will use several sized crochet hook depending on your project. Typically we begin learning with a 5mm hook.

One thing important to me is for the hook to be pointy enough, so I can easily push through a loop. I have found the ends of some hooks to be too rounded. Especially when using size 10 hooks. Really though the basic little metal hooks (anodized aluminum crochet hook) are great (Find a crochet hook here)

Yarn: I typically like to use natural fibers. Mostly I use cotton and wool yarn. However, there is one yarn brand I really love that is an acrylic/ wool blend (Check out Wool-Ease by Lion Brand). It is definitely about personal preference. Keep in mind certain types of yarn are key to a successful project. A great example is a hotpad/ pot holder. Some yarns will melt when high heat is applied. So 100% cotton is typically recommended. Cotton is also great for washcloths, bags, cozies, towels, pillows etc. (Here is the cotton yarn I use)

Scissors: A cute little pair of scissors for snipping yarn is needed. You want to keep it handy since you will need to cut yarn as you change colors and finish your projects.

Darning Needle: When you finish your project you will need a yarn or darning needle. This is a needle big enough for yarn that you use for weaving your ends into your work. (find a yarn needle here)

Next Steps

In my next article I will go over the basic stiches. This will include slip knots, chaining, single crochet, and half double crochet.

Jolene The Crochet Nomad
Jolene The Crochet Nomad

Jolene is the proprietor of Eclectic Amazing, which she runs from her home in Oregon. And as she roams the country. Her eclectic mix of interests coalesced here with vintage, crochet & jewelry making, and generally amazing things.

When it comes to crochet, Jolene loves writing and talking about very little detail. This includes the basics of learning to crochet, sharing patterns, and skills. She thanks you for joining her on her crochet adventure.

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